So just a brief update here, now that SafeMoon has listed on its first exchange (Bitmart). It's been trading at a 40% premium on Bitmart relative to Pancakeswap all day... strangely consistent with my article's predictions of huge price differentials 🤔️

Of course, it doesn't take a genius to see that this is bound to happen to any token that has a 10% tax on transactions.

Also, it seems that SafeMoon wants to implement on exchange tokenomics? That will make it even worse!

Let's see how WhiteBit goes tomorrow :)

Not the basis of my article at all --- nothing I wrote is based on an assumption "team bad, team evil, team stealing". It's all based on facts.

The basis of my article is that the SafeMoon tokenomics transfer ownership of the 5% "liquidity injection" half of the 10% transaction tax to the team.

This is undeniable.

If the team has good intentions, great! Then they should either burn or redistribute that 5% -- i.e., relinquish ownership of it entirely. Even locking it will not solve the problem---ownership is still transferred to them of a VERY large chunk of the transaction tax.